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If you do not use Google Chrome, make sure to check out using the Bookie bookmarklet.

Google Chrome Extension

Provides Bookie bookmarks into Google Chrome


  • supports loading existing bookmark data if you’re on a page already bookmarked
  • Capable of sending current page’s html content to Bookie for parsing the readable version of the page so it’s immediately available. This slows down the plugin, so uncheck the Cache Content if you experience adverse performance
  • Assists by providing recently used tags for completion


  • Chrome users can get it from the Gallery: Hint good reviews would be appreciated!
  • To get the development version of the extension (to use with the develop branch) use the url:
  • Updates currently need to be done manually

Setting up

In order to setup the extension you’ll need to set a couple of options. To pull up the options page right-click on the extension in the tool bar and select the Options menu.


set this to the installed url for your bookie instance. In dev mode it’s If you do not set the api url you should get an error about not being able to find a bookie instance at that url.

By default the extension attempts to hook you up to the instance.

You can get the API key for your user by logging into the website and going to the Account page. There you will find a link for “View API Key” that will show you your key. The default login for a fresh install is a admin:admin.
This is the username for your account. This is used to help construct the api urls. The default user account is admin.
Cache Content
If you check this, then the html of the page is sent to the Bookie installation when you click the button to save a bookmark. This might pass large bits of data over and slow things down a little bit. If you find it too slow, uncheck and run the server side script provided via cron to get the readable version of your bookmark content.

Firefox Extension

The Firefox extension is starting over from scratch. You can track it at:

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