Delicious API

Since we started out attempting to match the Delicious api, we support some of those features. Not all of them make sense, so not all are implemented. Currently, the browser extensions communicate to the server via the Delicious api calls. Eventually, we’ll probably move those over to the official JSON api as I much prefer JSON and hate dealing with the XML calls that Delicious implemented.

All of our api calls are POST since we allow for some large content payloads.


All of our api calls that make changes to the database, require an api_key parameter to be passed with the request. This is a slight deviation from the Delicious API since we do not currently support login.

Available API Calls

See: We also support an extra parameter content that is html content for the bookmark you’d like parsed and stored as its readable content. The Chrome extension currently supports this as an option and is meant to help provide readable content immediately vs whenever a cron script can fetch and load a page.
See: Other than the api_key parameter this is just pass a url and it’ll get deleted.
See: We only support passing a url and do not support getting by tag, hash, etc. This does not require an api_key since there are no changes to the database to be made.
This is not an delicious api call, but is currently stored in here. It’s meant for providing tag autocomplete options to a widget based on current input. You must pass a tag with the characters entered so far. It also optionally supports a current_tags parameter so that completion will take into account existing tags. You can see this in action at the demo site tag filter at

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