Change Log

Ok, so I’m going to try to summarize changes here, but for full changes see the commit log. Commit often and all that.

What’s new in 0.4

0.4 was all about the port from jQuery to YUI for the Javascript side of things. This meant that the UI got a big facelift, we’ve moved to the YUI MVC framework, and the extensions needed to be updated to use the new library of code.

We also spent time getting most of the fabric tasks moved over to the Makefile to help aid in running and managing the installation.

Celery has been introduced as a background task processor and we track stats for the system in there. Long running tasks, such as imports, and handled through the Celery background system.

The database migrations have been collapsed and ported over to run under alembic vs sqlalchemy-migrate. This really cleans up a lot of the old migrations where we used per-database fulltext support instead of Whoosh.

What’s new in 0.3

The main goals of 0.3 were to add a full JSON API and to add authentication so that a single Bookie install could support multiple users. This involved a ton of changed code and so a lot more has changed in the process.

  • new json api, see the api docs for details on usage. See bookie.api.js for an implementation of most of it.
  • auth works. There’s a whole forgotten password process and a fabric function for adding new users. We’ll work on a real signup/register front end at some point before things get all public.
  • Updated the CSS to be generated using Sass
  • update to the chrome extension, supporting recent tags used, better completion, better error handling, and sync of bookmarks you’ve bookmarked before
  • Lots of documentation updates. Updated install docs, full api docs, cleaned up some of the other docs in the process.
  • update to pyramid 1.1
  • added the start of the tag commands framework so that we can have !sometag perform a specific command on the server side when storing a bookmark

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