Nearly everything about Bookie is managed via the Makefile. If you’re not familiar with Makefiles, it’s worth a little time to get your head around.

Commonly Used Make Targets


This command will start up the Bookie application along with the combo loader needed to serve the Javascript for Bookie.


This will kill the running servers started up from the make run.


This command will check for updated Javascript library files and, if required, copy changed files to the build directory and minimize them.


When doing development you might want some help keeping things “built” while you work. This command will also start up the sass watch process and a python script that will auto build changed Javascript files for you. This is how I tend to work and debug. For production purposes though, make run does everything you need.


This will kill things started via make run_dev.


Run the Python tests.


Open up all of the Javascript tests in the browser, one per tab.


Run any database migrations.


Start out a new migration file. Make sure to pass desc=”What is this migration”.


This will wipe the majority of the built files and resources. Think of it as a little bit of a hard reset.


Should recover froma a make clean and perform steps just as checking all deps are installed, the database is up to date, and the Javascript and CSS are up to date.

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