Bookie Tests

Running Tests

Running the test suite for Bookie is very simple:

Basic app tests

# Init the db first to prepare for running tests
$ INI=test.ini make test_bookie.db
$ make test

Javascript tests

$ make jstestserver

# open a new tab
$ make jstest

Other ways to run tests

  • make testcoverage: will run the tests and generate the html coverage data in the cover directory for viewing.
  • make mysql_test: Runs the tests against mysql using the test_mysql.ini file for processing.
  • make pgsql_test: Runs the tests against postgres using the test_pgsql.ini file for processing.

Test Types (OUT OF DATE)

Unit Tests

Unit tests are small tests that should test small bits of code. These should be setup in the same directory that the file you’re testing is setup. So if you’re working on a file in lib/ you’d have a matching file This file should be runnable via the test runner by itself.

Functional Tests

Functional tests are larger scope tests that make sure the application is responding correctly as a whole. These are run through the fabric command fab test. It will run all tests defined in the tests directory.

Note: All unit tests should be added to the tests/ so that they get run during the large test run. This way the ci server will just need to run the one test pass and all tests will run during each build.

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