Setting Up Email ServerΒΆ

To work with code in the signup process it’s often best to setup email communication for the site. It does not do this automatically and you need an smtp server for it to send email out to test accounts.

One way to setup an smtp server is to use a small tool, msmtp.

This assumes that you’re on Ubuntu. You’ll need to adjust these instructions for your own platform. If you get it working please feel free to submit a pull request with your platform as we’ll happily add it to the docs.

$ sudo apt-get install msmtp
$ touch ~/.msmtprc
$ chmod 0600 ~/.msmtprc

Next, edit the ~/.msmtprc file with your favourite text editor. The configuration file should contain the following lines.

account examplemail
tls on
tls_certcheck off
port 587
auth login
password somesecret

account default: examplemail

In the above example, the host has to be replaced with your email service smtp host. The from, user, and password, needs to be valid for your own email account.

Once that’s complete, you can perform simple test to ensure your configuration is correct. Copy and paste these lines to your command prompt modifying the email address to your own address:

cat <<EOF | msmtp
Subject: test

This is a test!

If all the instructions are followed correctly, you can now receive the activation mail to the specified email address.

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